Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Custard Tarts, take 2

I tried the custard tarts again, doing things slightly differently.

Last time I rolled the dough out and cut the 12 pieces out to put in the tin. I tried a circle but the largest cutter I had was too small so I switched to squares. That resulted in lots of pointy, burnt corners and an ultimately shallow tart which didn't allow for enough custard.

This time I separated the dough ball in to 12 pieces and rolled each one individually into a circle. This also allowed me to roll the dough thinner. Thanks to the higher sides I could fill the tarts much higher and used most of the custard liquid (though there were a few lowish ones and I'll keep working on that.)

I also reduced the blind baking time to 10+10 minutes. The dough was well-baked and not burnt. Much nicer.

A much better result!

(Yes, one is missing. I couldn't help myself :-)

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