Saturday, March 9, 2013

Announcing a brief hiatus

Or should I say pie-atus?

I'm off to a conference for the next couple of weeks (PyCon actually, no joke.)

Because I'm a little frazzled before going I made the peach tarte tatin again today. Because it is just so damned yummy.

I went with the fully machine-enabled pastry making this time. Take the usual ingredients and blend the butter into the flour in a blender until it's a little like breadcrumbs (no large chunks left.) I just hold down the pulse button for about 20-30 seconds. Then take your ice water and add a tablespoon at a time to the blender, giving it a good whizz (I used the slowest speed - didn't want it to be worked too much) to mix it in each time. On the third tablespoon the pastry should start chunking up. Keep whizzing until it's a solid ball. Continue to prepare as normal (chill, roll, bake, consume.) Yay, if it's anything like I just made it'll be the best shortcrust pastry ever.

Really. It was that good :-)

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