Sunday, June 30, 2013

Still making pies; here's some tutorial videos

I've been moving house so not much pie baking but I did manage to make a beef pie last weekend. Instead of cheating and using frozen puff pastry for the top I made a rough puff pastry (while still using a shortcrust pastry for the base). Unfortunately the new oven I'm using is temperamental and slightly random in its temperature control so the pastry wasn't fully baked through. The pie was still delicious though.

This weekend I'm going to be making up a  chicken pie (some chicken, peas, corn, carrot, chicken stock, cream, cook and put in a pie case). And I've bought a thermometer to try to nail down the oven's strange temperature behaviour...

There's some great tutorials out there for making pastry that I've watched so far this year, but the best of the rough puff videos that I've seen is this one by Michel Roux:

And here's a good one for making Short Crust Pastry in the blender from Sarah Cook at BBC Good Food:

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