Sunday, June 22, 2014

Guest post: Elena's Extreme Olive, Sun-dried Tomato and Feta Bread

I think the secret to making really good food is taking things pretty far.

This was an experiment in that.

So I like olive a lot and also have strong positive feelings about cheeses of all sorts.

Everyone knows (cough) that these things should naturally go in bread. Though when I get olive bread from shops I often feel as if they go too easy on the olives. I decided to test the bounds.

Olives, Sun-dried Tomatoes and a hefty block of Feta:

OK, so this is the thing: this came to being a non-trivial amount
(in case that's not clear >850g/1.88lb, ie "testing bounds" volumes):

Oh bread, you looks so innocent.

... but not any more.
I didn't want the cheese to be pulverised so was quite careful with timing.

So ... Did I go too far?
Proobably depends on who you ask, but in my opinion: Goodness no!
Check it out, could even have gone further!

Structural integrity could have been slightly better, though trust that
it would have been if I had actually let it cool before I hoed in to it.
(Though hopefully you can understand I wanted to eat it while it was warm.)

... and ... it ... was ... amazing.

Kanga-bangers and whitebread indeed.

The end :)


nb. I apologise for the blurry photos, I do actually try to stay still, but still not enough. I'll persist!

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